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Healthy Living Through Holistic Healing!512-585-4654

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Dr. Bailey is also an associate doctor at Austin Holistic Health, where she has had the privilege to collaborate with Dr. John Bandy, previous Chairman of the Certified Teachers of the ICAK for a decade and chiropractor for the University of Texas Athletic Department from 1990 until his recent retirement from his position at UT.  Dr. Bailey feels blessed to be surrounded by so many talented practitioners and resources at Austin Holistic Health.  Please continue reading below to learn more about the Austin Holistic Health team.


Mission:  To synergistically provide the best health care practices and techniques, enabling our patients to achieve optimal health and wellness in a peaceful, enjoyable, and supportive environment.


Philosophy:  The practitioners of Austin Holistic Health are united in the belief that health decisions should be guided by true holism: that we are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual beings under constant structural, chemical, and psychological stress. Optimal health is thus much more than being free of disease.  It is an ongoing journey encompassing personal exploration of each of these factors that allows the full expression of who we truly are.


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