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Upcoming Events in 2018!

On this page, you can find out what is going at Austin Hills Chiropractic and other organizations that we affiliate with. Please contact us if you would like to organize an event and publicize it on this website.  


Most events offered will be in the evenings and include a break with time for mingling, refreshments, snacks, and following with time for workshop and questions.



Gold's Gym - Free Screenings with Muscle Function Testing
Wednesday evenings Dr. Bailey offers free mini-eval sessions at Gold's Gym.  On 1st Wednesdays she will be at the location off 183 near Burnet.  2nd Wednesdays are at the Golds in Bee Caves, and 3rd Wednesdays are in Westlake.  All Gold's Gym members are welcome!


September 17th - 22nd - Friends & Family Event
During this week, loved ones referred by an Austin Hills Chiropractic patient will receive a complimentary New Patient Examination and Evaluation.

This event is perfect for the neighbor or loved one that you know would benefit, but you would rather leave the explaining of how to Dr. Bailey!  Have them schedule during this week, and Dr. Bailey will take it from there.

This only happens 4 times each year.

Limited Availability!



Fun Events From The Past:

The list below are classes and events we have held in the past.  If you are interested in attending or hosting something from the list below, let Dr. Rachel Bailey know.  She is available both on and off site.


Caring for Your Body

How to best care for your body during your daily activities.


Your Gut & Your Probiotics

Why is your gut health is important? What can it affect, and what has an effect on your gut flora? This class will share tips on caring for your gut flora, and why different people can benefit from different probiotic products.


Your Genotype 

This class will be a basic guide to start understanding your genetic tests, with a focus on methylation issues and detoxification.  Material will include examples of how these results may affect your long-term health and how to use preventative measures and assessments for your risks of chronic illnesses.


Balancing your Brain & Nervous System
Your Habits & Your Health
, with an emphasis on the nutritional changes that can better support your goals.  This is a great course to attend before setting your New Years Resolutions because it can really help you understand the chemistry behind your own habits and routines.*If you are looking for support to change certain habits, this workshop will be a great source of information!


Your Body Type Revealed

Learn how to use foods and meal planning to best balance your glands and balance your metabolism.  Not every body is the same, and thus not every diet should be the same.  Dr. Rachel Bailey, DC will talk about how your history, growth and weight gain patterns can help indicate which foods to try.


Caring for Your Body, series introduction

Learn how to best care for your body during your daily activities, why this varies between individuals, and hear a brief introduction to the topics that will elaborate on your individual care.  Each class in the months to come will feature a particular topic, but all are taught with the final goal of YOU learning how to care for YOUR body!


Meditation with Marty
A course in relaxation and how to find your best type of meditation for your body and your lifestyle.   *Wear comfortable clothes and beginners are welcome.


Before you start the school year schedule, take this Stress and Your Health Class

Come ready to learn new ways to identify stressors and minimize their effect on your health now and throughout your lifetime!


Exercise Physiology

While including research and tips for your body’s chemistry during exercise, Dr. Rachel Bailey, DC will also touch on suggestions for your running technique, exercise attire, supplementation, diet, glucose and mineral regulation, and how to best avoid injuries while maximizing your fitness goals! 


Ladies' Night Out!

Gents, send your wife, girlfriend, or daughters over for a night of free fun for the ladies!  Ladies, bring your group of gals and enjoy an evening of healthy food, sulfate-free wine, and lots of fun as you mingle and learn about everything from gree cleaning products to health conscious skin care.


Flu Class - from the perspective of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

”Health Care” v. “Disease Care,” and how CAM practitioners approach the flu season.  Learn why your habits leading up to this flu season can affect you all year and continuing into future flu seasons.


What are Essential Nutrients?
After years of teaching night nutrition courses to local college students, Dr. Bailey became aware of how few adults understand which nutrients are classified as essential and why.


Injury Prevention & Faster Healing - get ready to set healthy New Years Resolutions



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