Healthy Living Through Holistic Healing! 512-585-4654
Healthy Living Through Holistic Healing!512-585-4654



Bring your group of gals and enjoy an evening of healthy food, low sulfate wine, and lots of fun as you mingle and learn about everything from green cleaning products to health conscious skin care. 

Gents, send your wife or girlfriend over for a night of free fun for the ladies!



Attractions will include:

- healthy snacks & beverages

- low sulfate wine

- Jewelry by Stella & Dot

- Custom jewelry by local artist

- Massage Therapists

- FREE Astrology Chart Mini Readings

- Health & Body Conscious Cosmetic Lines

- Somatic Counselor

- Chiropractor

- Health Insurance Specialist

- Women With Confidence Club

- Divorce Support Specialist

- Energy Healer

- Financial Planner

- Longterm Care Specialist

- Feng Shui Intuitive Coaching

- Gluten Free and Guilt Free Treats

- Home and Auto Insurance Specialist

- Esthetician

- Personalized Gifts

- FREE Hearing Screenings

- Personal Chef

- Life and Business Coach

- Photographer

- And More!



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