Healthy Living Through Holistic Healing! 512-585-4654
Healthy Living Through Holistic Healing!512-585-4654

Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Still unsure if chiropractic treatment is right for you? See what other patients are saying about their experience with our practice.


"My search for a great chiropractor is over!"

 "Dr. Rachel Bailey is truly dedicated to seeing her patients improve, and her care goes far beyond that of the doctor who rushes you in and out of their office. I have seen several Chiropractors over the years, and had varying results. Her methods take into account the entire body, not just your neck or back that are bothering you at the moment, to help the body truly work together as it should. The results are AMAZING! My search for a great Chiropractor is over!"  - Jennifer, marketing & design



"Incredibly talented"

"If you're in the Austin area and find yourself looking for a chiropractor, or

someone to help with your general health, you could not go wrong with

Dr. Bailey!" - JJ Stanley, photographer



"My life condition has improved"

"Thank you - my balance and dizziness is much improved - you are amazing!  I could feel definite improvement in my body stability - Thank you!  I need your help and skill! I am not sure I understand all you did, but my life condition has improved - thank you for your magic!!!" - Rodney Brown, retired teacher



"Dr. Bailey actually does care"

 "In the ever changing time of health care, where it's become in many places more of a business model than patient care, Dr. Bailey actually does care about your health.  Thanks for your help."  - Dr. Hillger, chiropractor



"Overall Health & Well-Being"

 "Dr. Rachel Bailey is a practitioner of what I call body wizardry, or a holistic chiropractor.  She has helped me immensely with my overall health and well-being."  - Doug Quitmeyer, CEO & Co-Founder of Your6



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